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Optimize Your Warehouse Processes With Microsoft Dynamics AX

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The manufacturing and distribution companies are looking to streamline business activities to stay competitive. In order to improve efficiency, companies with complex and international trade relations look for a solution that can help in optimal storage and management of goods alongside enabling these organizations to control the internal flow of materials. Microsoft Dynamics AX enables manufacturing, distribution, and retail companies to model, classify, and track warehouse to achieve optimum warehouse efficiency. Warehouse Management Module of Dynamics AX enables organizations to achieve efficiency by establishing high- and low-priority storage areas for optimum placement of goods and block locations to restrict the movement of goods.

Benefits of using Dynamics AX

Optimize your warehouse layout:- Warehouse Management enables organizations to define the warehouse layout as per unique business needs. Organizations can segment the warehouse into zones to accommodate different storage needs. Furthermore, each location can be defined on different parameters such as space and pallet type.

Improve Warehouse Efficiency:- Dynamics AX enables you to automatically identifying optimal storage locations for items, based on the characteristics of items and warehouse zones. With all activities recorded in journals, you can track a complete history of actions and item identifiers using an audit trail. Dynamics AX Warehouse Management Module further supports bar coding. You can further optimize routes to speed up order fulfillment.

Complete Control Over Inventory:- Dynamics AX enables you to track items internally and throughout the supply chain. You can create serial or batch numbers for the automatic numbering of items for improved traceability. Productivity tools like inventory dimensions enable you to get a clear overview of items in your warehouse using serial and batch numbers.

Efficiently Manage Bills of Material:- Dynamics AX enables you to calculate the consumption of raw materials using specific formulas, helping you to get the most accurate costing and materials requirements information. With Dynamics AX, multiple BOM versions can be created while previous BOM versions can be accessed and reused at any time.

Core Capabilities of Dynamics AX Warehouse Management are listed below:

  • Workflows – Flexible, inbound and outbound material workflow support based on queries.
  • Picking and packing – Assign orders to clusters to pick from a single location and configure profiles to control the validation and packing of items into shipping containers. Alternate between picking strategies for batch and non-batch items.
  • Wave processing – Create, implement, and release work using batch-scheduled or manual processing of waves.
  • Inventory Control – Set up cycle counting thresholds, create cycle counting plans, schedule plans, and cycle count locations and items ad hoc. Full control of location stocking limits and location volumetrics.
  • Containerisation – Pallet/container types for warehouse processes.
  • Mobile devices – Use scanners or other mobile devices to optimize precision in the picking and put-away processes.
  • Material handling – Provide warehouse workers with material handling instructions based on the system or directed by the user (task interleaving).
  • Support for cross-docking, and pick/pack.
  • Manage sales order returns using warehouse workflow.
  • Enhanced reservation hierarchy including full serial and batch number support.
  • Send Advanced Shipping Notices to customers and manage docks with appointment scheduling.