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Digital marketing is lot more than just a term, since it has become the entire science to promote your business via market research, strategic planning, optimization and precise content strategy. With actively searching customers around the globe, it has become extremely important to serve them with precise solutions over the internet to increase your search engine rankings. Using digital media, you can encourage customer engagement; get more likes; go beyond traditional boundaries; build trust as well as business reputation and get ahead of your competitors.

Rapid growth of media and the internet gave birth to manifold digital marketing, which has become present-day business promotion necessity. At inoday, our digital marketing solutions are multifaceted and are meant to solve different marketing challenges while building huge client capabilities. In simple words, we help merge the customer experience across all channels through specific digital marketing techniques including SEO, SMO, Email Marketing and SEM (PPC).

SEO (Search Engine Marketing)

If your products or services are unable to reach your target audience via search engines, then you are on the verge to miss out on your potential customers, who are on the look out for information regarding your products. Search engine optimization plays a critical role in enhancing visibility and generating organic leads.

At inoday, we do proper business research, understand your objectives, analyze the customers’ tastes to gain right outcomes accordingly. We begin with right content marketing strategy, effective SEO lead generatin, perform long tail SEO keyword research and complete the process with proper SEO audit and website review.

SMO (Social Media Marketing)

Today social media has become the platform to address people with solutions they are searching for. It is increasingly becoming the place to source partners, suppliers and customers. Since your frequent interactions with customers on social sites need to be managed rightly, we can do this for you to strengthen your community on social media presence. We also do social media monitoring for you, so that you can have an understanding of what your competitors are up to and know about their strategies to excel.

We perform social re-targeting advertising management to re-engage with most active customers on social media platforms. After careful research on your business and industrial competition, we set a strategy to manage your social media presence and evaluate marketing performance.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to keep your existing customers and potential customers informed. It enables a business to directly market a commercial message to a large group of people via email. Easy to create and share; it is helpful in getting more conversion rates. We form an email campaign strategy to analyze your list of subscribers and decide on what content to send, how often and when. With our email data analysis, we focus on knowing what people want and ignore. We help you cover large customer base at global level with this immediate and effective tactic. Considering the requirements and target audience of companies individually, we’ve split tested subject lines and campaigns in different shapes and sizes that help in grow revenue.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Search engine marketing is a sort of internet marketing that involves website promotion by increasing their visibility in the search engine result pages via paid advertising. You can opt for either PPC (pay-per-click) for each time your ad is clicked or CPM (cost-per-impression) when your ad is displayed. With Internet marketing, we offer display advertising, behavioral re-targeting, search re-targeting and PPC audit and assessment.

There are a number of digital marketing services available in the industry to tackle issues of increased competition. At inoday, we understand your need to widen your internet presence and reach larger customer base. We are acknowledged as the leading digital marketing agency in Noida as well as the most dependable digital marketing company in India for offering every service under one roof. Our internet marketing experts perform in-depth research for every project to improve brand visibility at low-costs. We manage your complete digital marketing requirements reliably by sticking to Google’s guidelines and offering best SMO services via unique methods and tools. Get in touch if you’re looking to see a significant improvement in your search engine rankings from the best SEO company India.