inoday Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd

Document Management Systems help to manage your database clean and organized so that procedures and processes become more efficient. Any document whenever required can be accessed easily making things works in an effective and controlled way.

Just imagine the way have worked in the past when we had to maintain all the documents in the hard copy, whole cabin filled with lots of file and folders where we use to maintain all the data and record and how much time we use to waste in searching any old document or file, some time we did not find the file / document after expending whole day. Some time we use to lose the all data due fire, theft or natural calamities.

A good Document management system is an art which provides a platform to all the employee of the organization to work freely, efficiently and effectively without wasting any time in searching documents.

Document Management System (DMS)

Benefits of DMS:

Faster and cheaper process of managing documents
Better way of managing documents
Access anytime, anywhere.
Search & Retrieve and Print.
Manage feedback, query and comments on the document
It saves paper / environment
It increase the efficiency of all the employee

Scope of the Offering

Data and information is the most important aspect of any company. A good document management system allows all security of confidential information and prevents its leakage. Only authoritative people are allowed to access the information and documents. The database contains the entire business operations and information of all the departments. It may be the maintaining personnel or customer database to manage the work force and the most important stakeholders.

We take special care of data security; we prepare such a function that one can know that which file is accessed by whom. According to requirement access of files, folders and records is pre-defined, and one can keep eyes on each and every access of data.

We at inoday first understand your business and its requirements and then suggest you what documents can be create and how they would improve the functioning of the entire company. We provide these documents with the tightest security so that all your information is in the right hands and that its use can be averted. We keeps contingency plan ready and hence provide backups for all the data that is stored. We follow all government regulations and maintain all the regulatory records.