inoday Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd

Mobile Apps are no more trend but a necessity, which every business needs if they have to raise a bar against their business competitors. Nevertheless, even users are savvy with it now and they don’t like to wait to get an information after powering up their desktop Machine. Mobile Apps what they need.And if it’s iOS user, then the demand is 500% higher.

inoday with it’s legacy experience with other technology and recent delivery of iOS apps promising a robust solution for its every customer. The inoday technician is not busy with creating screens of such Apps, but our focus is more on Web Services what we are writing. Managing Dynamic and Static information across the platform is more challenging and we do have the solution for it. And that’s the reason our Developed Apps are fast in response and never crashes on maximum concurrent connections.

We have experienced and brilliant, tech-obsessed mobile developers and engineers in the field. The programmers at our development center have the expertise you seek in practically any platform or framework you can imagine. With over 120 dedicated project partners, designers, and creative engineers, we can provide on-demand capacity to help meet both your internal goals and promises to the marketplace.

Our team are well versed with Mac machine, iPhone SDK 3.1 to iOS 5 & iOS6, Xcode 3.2.5, device Simulators, UI & Prototype Design , and by this process our team is able to generate quality and rich application for our client.

Area of our expertise on iOS, iPhone, iPad Development

iPad Application Programming
iPad Tablet Application
SDK Application development
Web-Safari Application
SDK Application development
GPS Enabled Apps
Multi touch interface

Technology inoday uses for iOS development

Frameworks : Xamarin
Offline DB : SQLite, Ultralite, GoogleGears
Offline Encrypted DB: SQL Cipher
Offline DB will be RDBMS
SQL Queries will be performed
We will store HTML code as part of DB for high performance
Backend DB: SQL Server

Our expertise on above technology, gives us edge to assess your requirement best. Every requirement is different for us, and our solutions are requirement centric. That’s what an App need before execution get started.

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