Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services Eliminate Business Inefficiencies And Scale Up Key Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based intelligent business application with unified CRM & ERP capabilities, enabling businesses to boost sales, improve sales automation, field service automation, and enhance overall operations. With unique business applications that work seamlessly together, Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps in optimizing your operations, empowering your employees, and engaging your customers. Productivity, intelligence & scalability of Dynamics 365 Microsoft help you to leverage digital transformation to grow your business. By supporting deep integration with Outlook, Lync, SharePoint, OneNote, Word, and other Microsoft applications, Dynamics 365 helps in improving business efficiency by reducing double entry while saving your valuable time.

    Boost Sales and Improve Customer Experience with a 360-Degree View of Your Business

    Perform Informed Decision— Data-driven insights and recommendations based on built-in business intelligence will enable you to make better decisions.
    Leverage Omni-channel Capabilities— Generate embedded reports and analytics to identify trends to deliver personalized customer experience regardless of channel with premium Dynamics 365 pricing.
    Improve Efficiency— With a common data model, Dynamics 365 eliminates inefficiencies associated with disparate systems, enabling organizations to streamline workflows.

    What Does Your Business Get with inoday?

    Extensive Flexibility

    With the deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services, you can avail of unrivaled business flexibility. These capabilities allow you to customize your system and meet your unique business needs. We offer you a wide range of pre-built applications, extensions, and tools like Power Apps to custom-make your business solution and drive business benefits like never before.

    Streamlined Integration

    Our Microsoft Dynamics Consultants leverage their experience and expertise in seamlessly integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services and other Microsoft products like Office 365 and SharePoint with third-party applications. You can streamline your workflows and eliminate siloed data across your organization.

    Our experts help you work and collaborate more effectively while leveraging the full power of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite of tools. You can make the best of their capabilities to drive business outcomes from Microsoft Dynamics 365 and effectively use a powerful and flexible platform to manage your operations and improve customer relationships.

    Anywhere, Anytime Access

    We enable businesses to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services anytime, anywhere. Whether in the office or on the go, mobile accessibility can help you always stay connected to your business data and applications. Additionally, business administrators can make informed decisions and act on key issues, irrespective of their location.

    Analytical Insights

    At inoday, you can grab Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services that come with intelligent insights, including AI and machine learning capabilities. We can help comprehend these insights and let you make better decisions for substantial business benefits. Our Dynamics Consultants can let you drive better business outcomes with predictive analytics. You can use these analytics to spot trends in your data and capitalize on new business opportunities leveraging AI capabilities.

    Data Security

    As an official and experienced Microsoft partner, we make sure that our clients receive robust security features. By leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services, we help them with multi-factor authentication, role-based access controls, encryption, and extensive protection for sensitive, confidential business data. Additionally, you can avail of Microsoft’s regular security updates and patches and stay aware of your updates to be protected against the latest threats.

    Power of Cloud

    By leveraging the power of the cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services, we assist businesses in driving unmatched agility and scalability. Our extensively engineered cloud-based platform can help you easily scale up or down as your business needs evolve without worrying about high on-pocket hardware or infrastructure investment.

    Why inoday?

    We are an official and accredited Microsoft Partner and cater to businesses across multifarious industries to solve complex issues with agility. You can avail of the omnichannel capabilities that we offer by deploying inventive functionalities under Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services and help you take a competitive lead.

    As an accredited Microsoft Partner, we can let you drive scalability and performance via Dynamics 365 Consulting Services and Dynamics 365 Managed Services.


    Industry Expertise

    Deep expertise in industry-centric solutions
    Implementation and Optimization
    In-depth understanding of the platform
    Extensive guidance and leading practices


    Highly customizable platform
    Setting up and configuration of the system
    Custom-made Solutions fir for Unique needs
    Maximized Business Investment

    Operational Efficiency

    Time-saving Capabilities
    Process Optimization
    Proven Methodology
    Elimination of Delays and Errors

    Support Services

    Ongoing Support and Maintenance
    Personalized Support
    Reduced Downtime


    Comprehensive Training
    Expert Assistance
    Resources and Materials
    Personalized Training services

    Business Strategy

    We help businesses drive optimum benefits out of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services and develop a strategic roadmap, which aligned with their key objectives and goals. Our Dynamics F&O, NAV/Business Central Consultants work with you to understand your long-term business vision and get you a strategized plan to execute it without a hitch.

    As an astute and acknowledged Microsoft Partner, inoday can help you optimize the value of your investment via innovation, commitment, and scalable solutions.

    Dynamics 365 Operations

    Automate your manufacturing and supply chain operations while maximizing operational efficiency, product quality, and profitability with predictive insights and business intelligence.

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    Drive automation to streamline processes across any type of manufacturing process—discrete, lean, process, and mixed-mode.

    Use built-in business intelligence to optimize production strategy to avoid out-of-stock or overstocking.

    –  Improve the fulfillment, material sourcing, and logistics with predictive analytics & machine learning-based enhanced guidance.

    Dynamics 365 Sales

    Boost productivity by automating sales processes while getting real-time customer insights to optimize decision-making. Shorten sales cycles while driving consistent customer experience.

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    Predict customer needs using embedded intelligence; address them with personalized experiences to close more deals.

    –  Empower the sales team with real-time actionable insights, enabling them to target the right leads, contacts, and opportunities in their pipeline.

    –  Maximize your sales team’s performance by monitoring results, while holding everyone accountable every step of the way.

    Other Offerings from Microsoft Dynamics 365

    Dynamics 365 Finance

    Gain real-time visibility of financial performance to drive growth while automating, modernizing and consolidating global financial operations and making data-driven decisions based on actionable insights

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    With a real-time, consolidated view of global business, gain improved control to optimize cash flow while driving growth by making data-driven decisions.

    Perform financial planning and analysis based on embedded analytics, and predictive insights to minimize cost and optimize spending.

    Quickly adapt to changing local and global financial requirements while seamlessly managing frequently changing regulatory requirements

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 HRMS

    Empower your Human Resource team with smart tools to enhance the HR efficiency and functionality of your business. Get useful employee insights to track performance.

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    Deep integration to third-party programs including LinkedIn Talent Solutions enables you to post a job & schedule an interview.

    – By automating repetitive jobs, Dynamics 365 HRMS enables your HR team to focus on other valuable tasks.

    – Embedded Power BI offers useful insights while reducing reporting complexities, minimizing compliance risk, and helping you track and analyze reports seamlessly.

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    What Does Your Business Get with inoday?

    Streamlined Workflows
    Reduced manual errors
    Automated routine tasks
    Improved Collaboration
    Unified Data, Processes, and Systems
    Business Scalability
    Agility to Take a Competitive Lead
    Pre-built apps and Extensions
    Flexible Pricing Options
    Improved Customer Relationships

    Although Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services offer a ready-to-use platform, you require experts in delivering Dynamics 365 Services and professionals, who have successfully delivered the right implementation and assisted businesses in unleashing their growth potential.

    To explore more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services, connect with us at info@inoday.com  or Schedule a Demo