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NetSuite 2017.1

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Twice a year, NetSuite rolls out a major release to all its customers. As a cloud-based solution, you never have to worry about upgrades that require data migration and downtime. Instead, it all happens behind the scenes.

This new release has some exciting changes in store including:

  • CRM improvements including performance metrics for support cases, an enhanced customer dashboard, and quick note fields on case records.
  • Updates to Order Management such as subscription billing, promotion enhancements with SuitePromotion, and the addition of a store pickup feature.
  • New features added to Item and Inventory Management such as specifying search criteria directly on the Commit Orders form.
  • New vendor dashboard and improved customer dashboard which will help in better decision making.
  • User interface updates like enhanced help center search navigation, sticky notes enhancements, and file drag and drop improvements.

See a detailed list of new release enhancements here.