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NetSuite for Ecommerce to drive growth, efficiency & customer loyalty

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NetSuite enables you to seamlessly run your e-commerce business with a web store, inventory management, order fulfillment, accounting systems, & CRM integrated inside a single business application. As a cloud-based comprehensive business management suite, engineered for companies, aiming at selling their product online, NetSuite for Ecommerce features integrated ERP, CRM and a Database that delivers an “enterprise-class” experience to customers. NetSuite significantly reduces organizations’ overhead costs – from infrastructure to personnel to IT – and operate more quickly, efficiently and profitably.

NetSuite enables omnichannel commerce for B2C and B2B businesses, delivering consistent, engaging and personalized shopping and service experiences on any device, anywhere to customers by seamlessly connecting ecommerce and in-store POS with order management, customer service, inventory, merchandising, marketing, and financials. Ecommerce & ERP running on a single database with full integration results in greater efficiency and customer satisfaction.

B2B Ecommerce with NetSuite:- With SuiteCommerce, B2B sellers can create sites to engage business buyers, maximize their buying efforts by delivering easy and information-rich shopping experience as a B2C website. NetSuite offers support for online stores, in-house sales, distributors, manufacturers, brick-and-mortar stores, and channel partners—all from a single platform.

Purchasing:- NetSuite for ecommerce features tools that streamline the buying process, including routine, repeat and bulk ordering capabilities. Furthermore, online orders get automatically converted to invoices with workflow management of approval, fulfillment, and billing.

Billing:- NetSuite enables you to automate the billing process by giving buyers the ability to review and manage payments online. Organizations can view summaries of outstanding and available balances, deposits, credit memos and the terms associated with accounts. NetSuite supports B2B payment methods like invoice billing, credit limits and ACH processing.

Service & Support:- NetSuite provides self-service support through which shoppers can initiate an online return authorization. Furthermore, NetSuite empowers your team to meet customer needs with detailed case management, efficient returns and tracking for field services. With NetSuite, you can offer customers access to their order history and details related to each order, including shipping, billing and payment information. Easily reorder items from past purchases.

Features of SuiteCommerce

Integrated Solution:- NetSuite provides an ecommerce solution that unified ecommerce with your back office systems to eliminate the need to re-key data between systems and the time, errors, and cost associated with these silos of data.

Unified Sales Channel:- Perform omni-channel commerce including Online, Mobile, Social, Brick and Mortar Retail and Call Center with single integrated solution.

Dynamic Merchandising:- NetSuite enables you to publish products based on location, purchase behavior, and history of customers.

Attractive Storefronts:- You can build create unique, personalized and compelling mobile, web and in-store to exceed customer expectations.
Global Selling:- NetSuite supports multiple countries, languages, tax rates and currencies, enabling you to create multiple websites for individual brands, geographies and business models while managing from single platform.

Order Management & fulfillment:- Order Management Workflow can be customized as per your company’s specific need and processes, enabling you to scale and handle more orders with the same fulfillment team. NetSuite enables you to split up fulfillments into a separate pick, pack and ship steps.