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Drive sales by rewarding repeat customers with PatronTek Loyalty

Acknowledge your patrons for their loyalty by effortlessly running loyalty program with PatronTek. As flexible points & rewards management POS application, PatronTek helps in developing deeper relationships with customers through accrual across by points, visits, or purchases. These are redeemable across channels for discounts, gift items or other rewards of the retailer’s choosing. With PatronTek Loyalty POS, you can offer personalized incentives to customers based on their shopping histories and preferences through digital coupons, and reward points. As an omni-channel loyalty program for your restaurant or retail business, PatronTek seamlessly integrates with your offline, online & third-party customers.

Reward your customers for their loyalty with PatronTek Loyalty Management Software

Assign Reward Points – Assign reward points based on number of visits, amount spent or any other specific criteria.

Effortless Rewarding Process – Let customers redeem rewards using personal identifiable information, such as phone number, name, etc.

Define Reward Redemption Process –Easily define the minimum points a customer must have in order to redeem the loyalty benefits.

Customize your Loyalty Plan – With PatronTek, you get the flexibility to customize your Loyalty plan as per your preferences. Create multiple tiers to increase customer life-time value.

Reward customers with Omni-channel Program – Whether your customers order on phone, online or through third-party aggregators, automatically make them part of your loyalty program.

Integrate with CRM – Notify customers with emails about their points earned, balance, & expiry date. Unify your customer information to leverage built-in business intelligence.

Make Smarter Marketing Decisions – Gain complete insights about customer and provide them rewards based on their buying behavior. Also know how much effective discount you’ve given, points redemption and more.