inoday Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd

Empowering your Business with Industry’s Best Technologies including SaaS and cloud

For over 12+ years, inoday has been helping businesses to overcome bottlenecks by leveraging world’s most innovative technologies. As global leader in offering technology services, inoday enables you to realize your digital dreams. Having tremendous exposure of various Microsoft, Open Source, & Cloud based technologies; inoday can help you grow through innovative, well-engineered, cloud solutions tailored as per your specific business needs. If you have specific technology requirements, we will access the niche skills needed from our team of technology innovators. We create robust solutions with rich features by bringing together Microsoft or Open Source worlds. With extensive experience, we can quickly interpret requirements and apply proven technical and commercial expertise to ensure your project is a success.

Technology we use to modernize your business processes

.NET – Developed by Microsoft, .NET framework is programming environment which can be used to develop web-based systems, mobile applications, windows-based apps and much more. Our .NET developers will create a sophisticated, robust solution that you and your team will love to use.

SQL – We’re experts at SQL Server. We help in database design and development with complex query writing, data mapping, database administration, performance tuning and other problem-solving capabilities. We deliver database-driven apps with speed and efficiency to streamline your business processes.

Azure Cloud – We can help you in migrating from traditional IT infrastructures to cloud. If you find DevOps, PaaS and SaaS confusing, then we can help you. As Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, we offer range of consulting and managed services specifically for Microsoft Azure.

Open Source /PHP – We assist businesses of all size to enhance their digital presence with PHP-based Web Solutions. Our PHP developers are proficient enough in working with multiple PHP development frameworks such as CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Zend and Yii. Work with us to maximize your efficiency.

SharePoint – We enable your workforce to become more productive and efficient with SharePoint. Revolutionize the way to share information, collaborate, and communicate by leveraging capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint. Talk to our SharePoint Experts and let us help you to get started with your SharePoint journey.

PowerBi – Our best-in-class Power BI Consultants and Data Analysts provide awesome visual analytics solutions, enabling you to leverage data to benefit your business. We help in connecting your data sources and bringing your data to life with live dashboards and reports. Seamlessly gain and share insights!