Why Should Prefer Xamarin Application Development?

Development of cross-platform mobile application is one of the most thriving sectors for the IT Industry; Xamarin is the way to go. Xamarin uses C# programming language for building mobile apps for all major platforms Android, iOS and Windows. Xamarin applications share same code across all platforms. These apps built with native UI, API and performance. It is the extensive way to build, test and monitor apps.
We are using latest tool for developing enterprise mobile application and having team of professionals for providing simple and swift native applications on Xamarin. It empowers cross platform and minimizes the higher costs of investment.

Create native iOS, Android, Windows apps in C#.

Build native apps for multiple platforms on a shared C# codebase. Use the same IDE, language, and APIs everywhere.

  • Native UI, native API access, and native performance
  • Anything you can do in Objective-C, Swift, or Java you can do in C# with Xamarin
  • Ship cutting-edge apps with same-day support for new OS releases

Xamarin is the most efficient and sufficient way to

  • High Performance: Xamarin application gives high performance just because of its user interface and security.
  • Support Multiple Platforms: It conveniently supports different operating systems that are iOS, Windows, Android and Mac.
  • Stay updated: We stay always up-to-date technology enhancements and innovations.
  • Much lesser expensive: Xamarin cross platform applications are less expensive as compared to other technologies.
  • Save Time: Xamarin application runs on iOS system, Windows and Android devices – it is an agile process. It builds on single programming language that is C#.

We “inoday” have successfully developed many of Xamarin Cross-Platform Mobile Apps. But there are two major mobiles apps:

  • #1 POS – It is amazing Mobile Marketing App or POS (Point of Sale) System for Hotels, Bars and Restaurants.
  • #2 Loyalty – It is an ultimate mobile app and fully based on loyalty programs.
  • Both apps are available on StoreApp, iTune, Google Play Store and Window Store.

Our Xamarin Cross-Platform Apps Development Experience

  • Code sharing between mobile apps.
  • Using Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio for building apps.
  • Existing Dot.Net libraries reusable.
  • Using Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio for building apps.
  • Great experience in development using C, C# and Java.
  • Mobile application is fully based on cross-platform.
  • Functionalities like better UI (User Interface), themes, web services and much more.

We are committed to your satisfaction or success

Our goal of any kind of development at inoday is to satisfy the customers. Evaluate the customer requirements against current market trends. Xamarin allows for affordable, efficient and simultaneous development. We will guide you in every phase of Xamarin development from strategy to deployment.