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Dynamics 365 Operations is a cloud-based, robust supply chain management application that transforms your manufacturing and supply chain operations by delivering cutting-edge business intelligence and machine learning capabilities. D365 Operations helps in streamlining processes across planning, production, stock, warehouse, and transportation with intelligence from AI and Internet of Things (IoT) to maximize operational efficiency, product quality, and profitability. By providing predictive insights using built-in intelligence, D365 Operations delivers competitive edge, from supply chain execution to personalized customer experiences. As a unified solution to support operations across diversified industry verticals including manufacturing, retail, wholesale, & distribution, Dynamics 365 Operations enables you to identify issues in real-time across production process to accelerate the delivery of goods. By synchronizing logistics across sites, warehouses, and transportation modes, D365 Operations minimizes operational costs while providing you complete control over the processes.

Connect your factory with Dynamics 365 Operations

  • With the help of IoT, AI, machine learning, and mixed reality, optimize people, resources, & equipment to drive smarter processes.
  • Track and manage resources—from workforce to machines and tools and that too in real-time.
  • Support discrete, lean, project, process, and mixed-mode to drive growth & innovation.
  • Help different manufacturing strategies, including make to stock, make to order, configure to order, and engineer to order.
  • Monitor production planning in real time and accelerate product delivery with automated flow of information and materials across different locations.

Maximize the life of your assets

Dynamics 365 Operations helps in maintaining your assets from acquisition to retirement. You can track and monitor KPIs to improve the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of your mission-critical assets. With predictive maintenance, you can maximize the durability and performance of assets. With support for various types of maintenance—predictive, corrective, condition, and preventative, Dynamics 365 Operations helps in reducing the overall cost of production.


Optimize Production Performance

Most extensive Dynamics 365 Finance features include embedded Power BI capabilities to enable you to visualize key business metrics. You can easily drill-down to transactions level to monitor the health of your business in order to improve performance. Your team can prioritize tasks to save time while reducing errors. With the help of Office 365 templates, you can easily customize documents such as invoices and statements. Dynamics 365 Finance integration enables you to adapt to new revenue recognition standards while reducing audit costs. You can accurately calculate and report your financial statements while also automating recurring billing.

Reduce operational expenses, global financial complexity and risk

  • Gain real-time view of production and stock to make proactive and actionable decisions.
  • Efficiently manage shop floor and equipment operations to improve uptime, throughput, and quality.
  • Drive efficiency across processes with AI, machine learning, and mixed reality based predictions.
  • Use predictive maintenance to avoid downtime of business-critical equipment and machines.

Modernize Warehouse Management

With Dynamics 365 Operations, you will get real-time, end-to-end visibility of warehouse operations and stock. This will help you in efficiently handling capacity and consumption of raw materials alongside movement of finished goods in real time. Built-in machine learning capabilities help in optimizing the use of spaces while Power BI analytics provide full visibility of stock, receiving, picking, and shipping operations. Support for mobility helps in improving productivity with real-time monitoring of employees performance of daily tasks.

Automate & Streamline Supply Chain

  • Gain comprehensive visibility of your supply chain across geographies and time zones.
  • Integrate sales and purchasing with logistics, stock, production, warehouse, and transportation management to streamline supply chain operations.
  • Manage contracts, onboard vendors, monitor on-time delivery performance, while collaborating with external vendors.
  • With accurate delivery date estimation using material availability and capacity constraints across companies, sites, and warehouses, improve customer orders and delivery.
  • By syncing logistics across sites, warehouses, and transportation modes, optimize fulfillment.
  • With integrated quality control capabilities, enhance product quality and customer satisfaction.