Oracle NetSuite Manufacturing Edition – Automating entire product lifecycle management

Engineered for manufacturers, Oracle NetSuite Manufacturing Edition is the robust cloud ERP software with comprehensive inventory management, warehouse management, accounting, financial, order, customer relationship management and ecommerce capabilities. Available as SaaS package, NetSuite Manufacturing Edition can be accessed online, requires less upfront cost and substantially less complex implementation process. With extended capabilities for inventory control tracking, planning, costing of items in project-controlled environments, work order management, diverse methods of measurement, barcoding procedures, and other necessary business processes, NetSuite for Manufacturing can be integrated with many CAD applications, simplifying costing by supporting easy import of BOMs. It also supports integration with mainstream carriers.

Inoday – Your Reliable Oracle NetSuite Solution Provider

As leading Oracle NetSuite Solution Provider, inoday has extensive domain expertise across NetSuite implementation and allied services. We offer Oracle NetSuite Manufacturing Edition Licensing along with some serious value-added solutions such as implementation, customization, integration, cloud migration and NetSuite Admin Services that will help you sleep at night, knowing that you got the very most out of your software investment. There really is no project too big or too small.


Key Features of NetSuite Manufacturing Edition

Advanced Manufacturing – NetSuite Manufacturing Edition provides tight control over your full inventory lifecycle across multiple locations. With advanced inventory management capabilities, NetSuite Manufacturing Software enables you to optimize inventory availability and levels. This enables businesses to keep inventory costs low while meeting customers’ delivery expectations.

Advanced Procurement – With advanced procurement capabilities, NetSuite ERP for manufacturing streamlines procurement processes, minimizes transaction costs while enforcing compliance. Cloud ERP for Manufacturers by Oracle NetSuite reduces work and errors associated with multiple buyer/vendor phone conversations and emails for every purchase while offering tighter control over spending, simplifying requests for goods and services, and rendering real-time visibility end-to-end.

Work order and assemblies – Manufacturing Edition from NetSuite can be easily configured to support the needs of manufacturers of all types and sizes. With Work Orders & Assemblies module, users can define assembly items, build complex multi-level bill of materials, create work orders, record assembly builds, and back-flush components with minimal effort.

WIP and Routings – Manufacturers can establish realistic volume, cost targets & track performance with NetSuite WIP and Routings. It also enables root causes to be identified and researched instances where these targets are missed. This capability of NetSuite helps in minimizing inventory holding costs, preventing stock-outs while maximizing efficiency.

Advanced Manufacturing – With advanced manufacturing capabilities, NetSuite eliminates the inefficiencies associated with disconnected systems that prevent manufacturers to grow. NetSuite Manufacturing Edition help manufacturers of all sizes to reduce operating costs, increase revenue and better manage their business and supply chain processes overall. With support for Batch or Process Manufacturers, Discrete/ Assembly Manufacturers, alongside Quality Management and Mobile Capability, Oracle NetSuite helps manufacturers to manage their business more profitably from Order to Cash through Build to Ship.

Demand Planning – NetSuite ERP Software for manufacturing industry enables purchasing and inventory managers to determine the demand projection of items in the coming months based on historical data and trends or sales forecast information. By gaining actionable insights based on built-in intelligence, managers can plan inventory accordingly, and create purchase and work orders to meet anticipated demand.