As multi-channel retail management solution for retailers, NetSuite for retail comes with combined e-commerce, POS, and order management capabilities, enabling retailers to streamline and accelerate the transaction process. Cloud ERP software for retail industry from Oracle NetSuite is a unified retail system with back office management to sell products on multiple channels across multiple regions and countries. By delivering real-time view of customers alongside inventory, NetSuite enables retailers to deliver a unified shopping experience and build strong customer loyalty. With advanced order management capabilities, retailers can efficiently run “buy anywhere”, “fulfill anywhere”, and “return anywhere” functionality.

NetSuite retail management software delivers real-time insights into customer behavior, sales, inventory, and financials. By providing weekly or monthly sales reports for store managers, inventory managers, e-commerce managers, and executives, NetSuite for Retail enables top management to make well informed decisions. NetSuite retail software supports high scalability as new capabilities can easily be added into the system as your business grows and expands into new segments. With #No. 1 cloud-based, Retail Management Software, Oracle NetSuite empowers sales associates with the tools and information to assist and engage shoppers to increase profitability.

Our Business Assessment Provisions Your Requirement for Implementation and Customization needs

NetSuite for retail offers multi-channel management to provides the facility to access multiple channel and multiple location from a single place which help you in fast and effective decision making. It also allows you to make payment of every possible way it also supports latest POS(Point-of-sale).

Benefits of Using Multi-Channel Retail Management of NetSuite

  • It provides Real-time visibility across your business
  • It provides very good tool for accounting and financial services.
  • It provides very good marketing tools for retail companies.
  • It provides a Powerful e-commerce features integrated with your all channel.
  • You can customize the service according to your specific retail requirements.
  • Seamlessly support multiple locations and multiple channels.
  • It is integrated with point-of-sale (POS) systems.
  • It will come in lower cost than other retail systems
  • It provides best inventory, purchasing and order-management functionality.
  • It provides a single application where you can manage your entire retail business.

NetSuite for retail industry offers multi-channel management service to business which is having all the required features which is needed to successful in retail business.