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Optimize and Upgrade Recruitment At All Levels with NAVDPayRoll

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Recruiting a productive workforce that includes on-boarding and hiring can be a cumbersome process. To ease the execution and ensure success at all levels, some of the choicest employers are paying attention to NAVDPayRoll. This cloud-native HRMS solution holds all the capabilities to streamline and automate the entire recruitment process.



• Enlisting of the best candidates by sorting method
• Automatically generating templates and letters
• Customization across the entire hiring process as per business requirements
• Notifications about recruitment updates and alarms about scheduled tasks
• Ad creation for the job post, applicant tracking, and cost management for onboarding

Stages of Recruitment

Breaking down the recruitment processes into different stages helps optimize the entire operation. Here, NAVDPayRoll offers extensive capabilities at each level to ease the complexity, ensure higher efficiency, and let the employers execute on vision with the least hassle.

These stages include:

  1. Tuning-up for Your Ideal Candidate

Getting the RIGHT candidate for the job is extensively important for any business. Quantity without quality often turns unproductive as a ‘No Hire is better than a Wrong Hire.’

Here, you need to create an ideal candidate profile, including knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) to achieve the goals of the position.  Here, NAVDPayRoll lets you simply fill in the details and enables the automatic creation of the candidate profile. You can include a job description, niche sites or organizations you want to market and network in, a candidate’s interest and response, effective targeting, outreach, and attraction. 

2) Procuring Talent

This stage is about being resourceful and focusing on the candidates’ experience.  Don’t frustrate candidates by not responding to and communicating with them, by taking too long to make a decision, by creating too many hoops to jump through, or by having unrealistic expectations.  At this stage, you can make the most of NAVDPayRoll to develop an efficient, communicative, and standardized process. It enables you to configure a workflow and leverage an automated screening that helps communicate with the applicants and confer their status. You can easily avoid creating too many hoops to jump through unrealistic expectations.

3) Maturing Applicants

This HRMS solution allows you to evaluate your conversion rate that indicates the number or percentage of people that move from one step to the next.  NAVDPayRoll lets you evaluate your process by looking at the overall time to fill, right from position opened to fill. You can take a close look at each step as well.  With this process management, you can ensure a quality candidate experience, which will help get the good candidates all the way.

4) Selection and Screening

You can bring into the picture the recruitment management capabilities of NAVDPayRoll to proactively explain your recruiting process to the candidates and set certain real expectations. It enables you to be uniform while sharing your expectations for the organization, steps involved in the recruitment process, duration, and the ways applicants can prepare themselves. This way you can save both your and the candidates’ time efficiently as well.

Additionally, you can mention your must-haves— bare minimum requirements or qualifications to be able to perform the job.  You can ask for Nice-to-haves that include the extra over-and-above qualifications. This HRMS solution comes with an automated pre-screen with a recruiting chatbot to knock out or disqualify all who don’t have the must-haves.

5) The Interview

By leveraging the elemental capabilities of NAVDPayRoll, you can focus on efficient convenient scheduling, and eliminate the time and effort of going back and forth to coordinate interview schedules. At this stage, this inventively orchestrated HRMS solution allows candidates to self-schedule into any of the given slots that work with their schedule. It’s an inventive way to offer slots as per the candidate’s schedule, particularly accommodate those who are currently employed. 

6) Onboarding and Orientation

For the most part, this is the most frequently overlooked area and often employers lose the best opportunity to parse the right candidate.  With the deployment of NAVDPayRoll, you can create a strong foundation for your onboarding program that involves training, mentorship, information, and necessary resources. In particular, digitizing all parts of onboarding especially orientation is quite effective when the entire staff is working remotely. You can let the selected candidates receive and sign their HR paperwork electronically and proceed further.

Undoubtedly, having a recruitment management solution structured in a measurable platform, like NAVDPayRoll, helps continually improve your hiring plans and creates a standardized experience for all the applicants.

Furthermore, you can outsource the process to a consultant and just implement some basic internal structures on your own with your current team. To reassure, Business Central is re-branded of the familiar core application and enhanced to perform all the functions that NAV does with relatively more advanced cloud-native capabilities.

This NAVDPayRoll is an HRMS solution orchestrated under the aegis of inoday’s years of experience and industry expertise. We are extending our custom software solution services to help thriving organizations ensure success at all levels of human resource management and gain high productivity with a rich workforce.

Being accredited and certified Microsoft partner, we have won accolades for its exemplary services that help enterprises entail unmatched scalability as well.

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