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Starter Pack vs Extended Pack Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV is available exclusively through Microsoft Dynamics Certified Partners. These Value Added Resellers provide planning, implementation, customization, and support services aimed at optimizing the solution for each customer’s specific needs. As a trusted Microsoft Dynamics NAV consultant, we come across questions related to the distinct differences between the 2015 release of the two models, i.e., Starter Pack and Extended Pack. Regardless of how and where the software is deployed, customers have the choice of purchasing their Microsoft Dynamics NAV licenses upfront, or against paying on the basis of the subscription they have opted for.

These are the following two types of licenses:

a) Perpetual Licenses

b) Subscription based Licensing

Following functionalities are available under Starter/extended pack :


A) Financial Management –

  Starter Pack    Extended Pack
· Basic General Ledger

· Allocations

· Budgets

· Account Schedules

· Consolidation

· Basic XBRL

· Change Log

· Cash Flow forecast

· Basic Fixed Assets

· Insurance

· Maintenance

· Fixed Asset-Allocations

· Reclassification

· Bank Management

· Cheque Writing

· Bank Reconciliation

· Payment handling

· Responsibility center

· Intercompany Postings

· Cost Accounting


B) Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  Starter Pack Extended Pack
· Contact Management

· Task management

· Outlook Client Integration

· Contact Classification

· Campaign Management

· Opportunity Management

· Interaction/Document Management

· Mail Logging for MS Exchange

· Service Order Management

· Service Price Management

· Service Item Management

· Service Contract Management

· Planning and Dispatching


C) Project Management:

Starter Pack Extended Pack
· Basic Resources

· Capacity management

· Multiple Costs

· Budgets/Estimates

· Phases/Tasks/Steps

· Jobs Suite

· All features available


D) Configuration and Development:

Starter Pack Extended Pack
· Report Designer(100 Reports)

· Table Designer(10 Tables)

· Query Designer(100 query)

· XML Port(100 XML)

· Page Designer(100 Pages)

· Code units(10)

· Table (10 Tables)

· XML Port(100 XML)

· Page (100 Pages)

· Code units(10 units)


MSD NAV 2015 is a solution most suited for mid-market and to serve the needs of companies that have a set of manufacturing and warehousing related functionalities. Before deciding on a software licensing type, consider following points to reach on best conclusion:

# Make sure in advance about your preference between capital purchase or “pay as you go” monthly subscription.

# Do you wish to manage the system on your own IT environment or want someone else to do it for you and get access via internet.