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In and Outs of NetSuite Salesforce Integration

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A regular enterprise uses different applications, out of which most aren’t designed to work together out-of-the-box. By integrating these separate yet related applications, companies can achieve better operational consistency and efficiency. The popularity of both NetSuite ERP and Salesforce CRM remains parallel and competitive to each other, as some people consider NetSuite better for its ERP and CRM solutions, while others don’t. Since NetSuite is counted upon as the most sophisticated accounting and ERP software product and Salesforce the best CRM solution; customer wish to avail benefits of both. Although, NetSuite suggests that it can be smoothly integrated with Salesforce, data-sharing requirements of enterprises are far more vast for just a simple integration.

Salesforce directly communicates with NetSuite, when a critical data is inserted into the CRM to automatically sync it with ERP on the real-time basis. This entire integration process may sound simple, but developing such integration can be highly complex depending on particular requirements of a company. Companies that need to work flawlessly using both platforms, need to get the integration carefully so as to get the data exchanged automatically and in an error-free manner.

Benefits of NetSuite Salesforce Integration

  • You can seamlessly streamline lead-to-cash process to enhance cash flow.

  • It ensures accurate sales quote that is sourced directly from NetSuite financials.

  • Integration obviates the need of manual order entry that protects from all errors.

  • Offers real-time sales orders and back-office visibility into orders, billing and fulfillment information from Salesforce CRM.

Since most NetSuite customers need to quickly move data related to customer history, orders, inventory, finances, payroll, etc. from traditional legacy applications; integration can do the needful. inoday has been offering variety of NetSuite integration services to clients at global platform. Our experts have performed various successful direct ERP CRM integrations. Reach out for a more detailed discussion for your specific business requirements.