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Understanding why SuiteSuccess for Finance

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With the commitment to make companies stay agile in the face of disruptive changes, NetSuite has engineered SuiteSuccess which can solve unique industry challenges. With SuiteSuccess, NetSuite has tried to solve industry problems using pre-built templates, rapid implementation methodologies and custom code. NetSuite SuiteSuccess offers a unique set of processes & systems with a pre-configured solution and methodology, enabling companies to grow, scale and adapt to change. With a holistic approach to the problem and productized domain knowledge, NetSuite has unified industry leading practices, a new customer engagement model and business optimization methods into a unified, industry cloud solution i.e. SuiteSuccess. 

Prior to the commencement of SuiteSuccess, consulting firms focus heavily on extracting an organization’s requirements – how they do things today. Then, they deliver highly customized solutions to adopt leading practices which eventually consumes more time in onboarding while also cropping up the cost. So, with the traditional approach, the scope is typically very loose and the budget is unclear. SuiteSuccess comes with capabilities purposely fit for a variety of industries that include ERP, CRM, PSA, Omnichannel commerce, HR and Business Intelligence that ensure fast onboarding. 

NetSuite has brought complementary financial management functionality to SuiteSuccess with core features across budgeting, expense allocations and amortization, flexible billing management and statistical accounts. SuiteSuccess enables you to manage and monitor budgets versus actuals. You can use expense management capabilities to allocate expenses based on typical weightings, while amortization schedules enable expenses to be amortized over time with ease.

Benefits of using SuiteSuccess

Full Business Visibility: – NetSuite unifies front and back office, enabling companies to access to the true financial status in real-time. It accelerates daily financial transactions, financial close while ensuring compliance. As a leading cloud-based solution, SuiteSuccess ensures complete real-time visibility into the financial performance of the business from a consolidated level down to the individual transactions.

Cost-Friendly Implementation: – SuiteSuccess comes with pre-configured modules and functionality that ensures faster implementation as compared to a customized solution. The implementation team is no longer consumed with basic system setup, but rather on value-added strategy and personalized configuration to handle the company’s unique business needs.

Pre-built Reports and Pre-configured roles: – SuiteSuccess comes with industry specific pre-packaged standard roles, processes and reports that enable stakeholders to quickly align on many industry-standard procedures and setup requirements to ensure immediate increase in productivity. 
Reset Business Operations: – With SuiteSuccess, companies can revisit their business operations, and compare them to other industry norms to eliminate inefficiencies and get back on a streamlined and efficient path.

Rapid ROI: – As a cloud-based system, NetSuite eliminates the need for costly IT infrastructure. Furthermore, NetSuite’s agile approach enables you to adjust your processes and adopt new workflows, product types, sales channels, warehousing etc, without the need to cause major re-work.