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Why Manufacturers Can’t Ignore Business Central?

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As digital technology is transforming the business landscape, organizations are looking for better tools and applications to meet the challenging expectations of the customers. Manufacturing units are no more exception to this. With the commencement of globalization, businesses do not run from one place. If we talk about manufacturing units, they require tools that can enable them to streamline their supply chain processes. Furthermore, the expectations of the customers are getting higher. So, organizations are looking for smart customer engagement tools which can help them in better connecting with their customers for growth prospects. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is one such tool that can help manufacturers in increasing their productivity. Business Central is an answer for all those organizations that want to simplify every step of operation including creating a customer quote to assembling an order right down to shipping it from the warehouse. Let me discuss how Business Central can improve your productivity.

Streamline Operations:- Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a single, end-to-end solution for managing finances, operations, sales, and customer service. By keeping all production data in the centralized unit, Dynamics 365 Business Central enables everyone in the organization such as accountants, production managers, and salespeople to have a real-time view of the data. With this, every department in your organization will have a clear view of production status, quality control, and inventory which eventually results in making the entire manufacturing process a lot smoother.

Synchronize Data:- Business Central enables you to keep track of all customer interactions with useful insights related to best upsell, cross-sell, and renewal opportunities throughout the sales cycle. These insights enable organizations to improve their existing business processes while delivering better products and services to customers. Having a 360-degree view of customers’ interactions, sales teams get the flexibility to act quickly on sales-related inquiries, manage service requests, and process payments.

Control Inventory:- Many times, manufacturing units encounter problems associated with low stock at the time of delivery due to manual errors. Business Central with its built-in intelligence predicts when and what to replenish. It even suggests substitutes for the out of stock items. It enables organizations to maintain the right amount of inventory by automatically calculating stock levels, lead times, and reorder points.

Improve Cash Flow:- Manual processing of invoices can leave space for human errors. Furthermore, it also lengthens the order-to-cash cycle. Business Central automates cash flow procedures to reduce the time spent on account receivables. Furthermore, it also improves financial accuracy by refining financial forecasts through modeling and analyzing data across multiple dimensions.

Manage Business Even On The Go:- You often come across the scenario, when you have to offer a business solution when you’re out of the office. Business Central offers you the flexibility to manage your business even on the go. The mobile version of Business Central supports both cloud and on-premise users with a consistent, modern experience across Windows, Android, or IOS devices.