inoday is the first offshore development company who identified the potential of PHPFox and started its customization as service. We are working for PHPFox since it’s inception and have strengthened our portfolio with this open source Social Engine.

PHPFox is a first recognized social engine which is not just been in use for Dating and social networking website, But it’s users are from e-Commerce, Business Networking, Retail, B2B, Fund Raising organization, Schools, Music Lover.

PHPFox is a PHP based social networking service platform, that provides features similar to a social network like Facebook and MySpace.

Main features include administration of all scale networks, a lot of customization abilities user and administration side, unencrypted code, multilingual capability, site development applications and modular plugins/widget compatibility. There is a range of templates and add-ons available to extend the basic features already included in the PHPFox core.

PHPFox comes featured-packed with all possible requirements someone would need to create their own Social network. The focused approach of our inoday phpFox team makes it easy for them to implement and deliver any requirement i.e. social marketplace, mobile theme customization, Professional network etc irrespective of size, scope and complexity involved.

inoday is an industry leader in the PHPFox configuration, customization, and third party plugin integration and extend it to next level of services where the original plugin was not planned to develop. We are serving the domains named Non-Profit Organization, Social Networking, Business Networking, Manufacturers, Online Classifieds, Event Management companies, and Retailers.

Services offered by inoday for PHPFox

  • PHPFox Setup and Configuration
  • PHPFox Maintenance and Support Technical
  • Data Migration and Load/Stress testing of PHPFox
  • Mobile App Development for PHPFox
  • CDN Setup and Cloud deployment
  • Bootstrap Framework Implementation
  • Plugin development and Third Party plugin installation

What makes inoday PHPFox team the first choice of the Clients?

  • In terms of customization, they have done theme customization, custom development, plugins development and even new module development.
  • Our team of PHPFox experts has worked with almost every version of PHPFox and they have delivered requirement from diverse domains including social marketplace, mobile theme customization and professional network.
  • The team is intelligent enough to use this technology irrespective of the size, scope and complexity of the project.
  • The most recommendable part is our team has even contributed towards PHPFox development community as they have done good amount of Research and development, and have developed a good amount of complex applications in different domains.
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